Window Cleaner Woking Services 

Woking is one of the largest cities in Surrey so it would not be surprising for you to know that we do a lot of window cleaning work in Woking.

Our fast & efficient service combined with our great prices as a local window cleaner in Woking and surrounding areas have resulted in our company becoming one of the main trusted suppliers of window cleaner services to many homeowners and business in Woking.

A reliable Service

We provide an all year round window cleaning service in woking. We also carry a comprehensive insurance policy for your peace of mind although thankfully we have never had to call upon it.

We regularly clean windows in all types of properties from your ordinary 2 storey detached houses to offices and everything in between.

The best window cleaning equipment for your windows

Our state of the art water fed pole equipment allows us to easily and safely reach heights of up to 35ft.

The safety benefits of this way of cleaning windows is great as it does away with the need to use ladders. This reduces the risk of damage to your property meaning that this form window cleaning is by far the best method out there. No more risk of damage to flower beds or walls or floors or windows sills!

Another advantage of water fed pole window cleaning is that it allows me to safely access windows that in the past may not have been accessible using ladders. An example of this can be windows above conservatories or single storey extensions.

The best window cleaner in woking

What makes my style of cleaning windows better?

Well firstly I use super pure water to clean your windows which is pumped up to the water fed pole brush which is then used to gently agitate the surface of the windows to remove muck and dirt.

Not tap water which is fine for drinking but has so many minerals in it that if used to clean windows it would leave streaks.

Pure water is harmless to everything in your garden. It contains no minerals which mean when we use this water to clean windows no streaks are left.

This is much better than other forms of window cleaning which can involve the use of harsh chemicals and detergents.

Also we have a lot of experience in removing that stubborn old paint stain on your windows which just won’t come out or any other type of stain for that matter.

The whole window and not just the glass 

Now many window cleaners like to only clean the glass and charge extra to clean the sill and frame or don’t even bother ever to clean them.

What’s the point in having sparkling glass if the frames and sills are covered in dirt? It is like cleaning the car without cleaning the wheels .

Well I always clean the whole window from the glass to sill to frame. This is one of the reasons why many people use my company. It doesn’t really cost much more and is a sensible decision in my professional opinion.

First Class Customer Service

We have been cleaning windows for many years and have many happy customers.

I am to be polite and courteous on every job and treat your home with the respect it deserves.

We also have very good reviews online which you can check here on our google profile.

I should say that although window cleaning is our primary service in Woking. We do also offer a comprehensive carpet cleaning service in Woking as well amongst many other services.

This is another reason we are so popular as you can have your windows, gutters, conservatory and carpets cleaned by just the one local reliable and reputable company.

To get your windows cleaned call us on 07877574472