The best local Window Cleaner in Chertsey and Addlestone

As a local window cleaner based in Addlestone a lot of our customer base is based in Addlestone and Chertsey and surrounding areas .

These two little villages side by side in the heart of surrey make up a lot of our customers and we offer a fast, local and affordable window cleaning service for homes and businesses in the area.

We always clean  the whole window frame including the sill , frame & door as well . This results in a better overall finish to the job and a shinier appearance for your home.

So why should you use us to clean your windows?

I provide a local and trustworthy service

We provide a regular all year round window cleaning service in Chertsey and Addlestone. We also have comprehensive trade insurance as a professional window cleaning service.

Our business is based upon repeat customers. If we don’t do a good job for a fair price we would not have lasted till now. You can check my google reviews here.

I can save you time.

Maintaining the external appearance of your home can be time consuming. By allowing us to take care of that for you professionally you not only get the job done right every time but have more time spend on other things.

I won’t leave any streaks

I use pure water to clean your windows which is pumped up to a water fed pole brush which is then used to gently agitate the surface of your windows to remove muck & dirt. This means that when the water evaporates no salts and minerals are left behind so you get the best view out of your windows as possible.

I reduce the risk of damage or injury

I use water fed pole equipment allows us to safely reach and clean windows at heights of up to 35ft.

By not using ladders and only using water fed poles we reduce the risk of damage to your property. Using ladders can result in damage to flower beds, walls, floors or windows sills. This problem is done away with by using water fed pole cleaning technology.

Another benefit of water fed pole window cleaning is that it allows me to safely access windows above conservatories or single storey extensions. I could not do such a thing easily with ladders.

So with the use of pure water and water fed pole technology you can be rest assured that Once a month Cleaning is the right company to clean your windows.

To get your windows cleaned call me on 07877574472