Ceiling leakages, Fascia damage, Foundation damage: The worst consequences of clogged gutters. Take a step now and save your time and money with our Gutter Cleaning Service.

Those repeated up and down trips of the ladder, danger of working at heights and other more necessary tasks can let you put off the task of cleaning gutters. It may not be the most important task of housing chores but it indeed is a necessary one as unclogged gutters can cause various damages to beautiful buildings. We advise that routine gutter maintenance clean should be done once or twice per year.

Once a Month Cleaning Ltd. brings the latest technology equipment that will brush the gutters clean. The powerful vacuum cleaner sucks the sludge, dirt, leaves, weeds and everything that clogs the gutters. With the reach of up to 50 feet height, our device eliminates the use of ladder and saves the ladder time. The advanced vacuum cleaner system is much safer than ladders. By doing minimum adjustments it can be used in both residential and commercial units with great ease.

Schools, colleges, business houses, home owners, clubs and other organizations can contact us for the service. Technology is amazing and you will experience this with our advanced device. With the use of camera the cleaning results can be easily recorded. You can see the recording to be 100% assured about clean and open gutters.

The video will also help in identifying the areas which need reconstruction. So, save your building from leakages and your pocket from heavy repair expenses with cost effective gutter clearance solutions by Once a Month Cleaning Ltd.

To get your gutter cleaned call us on 07877574472