Need Regular Window Cleaning For Your Home Or Business?

Having window cleaning every few weeks is more important than some people realise.

Dirty windows will also reflect UV light, reducing the amount of sun which enters and therefore making your property colder and less energy efficient.

Because glass is porous, having dirt or dust build-up on the windows will also weaken them. An accumulation of smoke on the glass can also leave lingering smells that can be unpleasant.

Whether you need regular window cleaning for your home or business, Once a Month Cleaning Ltd have a wealth of experience.

We work throughout Surrey, including Woking, to keep your windows in excellent condition.

Our team can clean windows at any height, with abseiling techniques for those higher jobs. With our pure water fed poles, we can ensure your glass is completely streak-free.

Sparklingly clean windows are a big asset for any building. Regular window cleaning will keep the exterior of your premises looking professional and well-presented. By having your windows cleaned regularly, they are also much more likely to last longer.

Windows are like ‘the eyes’ of your property and it’s important to keep them in great condition. We only ever use the best quality products to carry out all work.

If you need regular professional window cleaning for your property, please get in touch today.