Once a month cleaning Ltd. is a small family run window cleaning business. We offer affordable, swift WFP window cleaning services in Surrey and surrounding areas. You might be wondering what Water Fed Pole Window cleaning is?

For all our customers a few details about Water Fed Pole window cleaning system.

In parts of the world as India after a monsoon has passed, the air feels fresh and clean, this is because pure water from the clouds absorbs the dust and dirt. Pure hot water window cleaning works in a very similar way. The water is first purified by removing all the minerals and impurities that are present in our everyday water. The water will be so pure, that it is left to dry naturally without leaving any marks behind. Pure water penetrates dirt easier and will leave your windows sparkling clean once dried.

Tap water is fine to drink but if it’s used for window cleaning it leaves spots and smear because minerals are left behind on the windows after the water evaporates. But not with our purified water! We use poles made from light weight carbon fibre, these are extended to wash windows up to 35ft safely from the ground. WFP systems are installed into our vans to transport pure water to job sites.

This system has had revolutionized the window cleaning trade making light work of a once dangerous profession.

Once a month cleaning Van

There are lots of household duties you may be thinking about right now and how to best keep on top of things. One of them may be a thought about your windows and making sure they are looking their best?

We offer a professional service at competitive rates, no hidden charges!
We use a pure water fed pole cleaning system to clean your windows .This system is currently  the best system on the market to clean your windows to a high standard. You do not need to worry about your windows being still wet after the clean because this is how it is done. Once they dry they will be sparkling clean and smear free!

Once a month Window cleaning the facts: 

  • Domestic and commercial window cleaning
  • We offer monthly or by-monthly window cleaning services
  • We are fully insured
  • We are able to clean your windows, conservatory roof, fascias
  • We provide gutter cleaning
  • Free quotation and site visit available to give you a FREE QUOTE
  • We can clean from the ground up to 35 feet
  • Pure water is environmentally friendly and no chemicals are used
  • We also clean window frames at no extra cost with our poles
  • We can reach previously inaccessible windows with ease

We Create The Perfect Shine. Everytime!